location:Melbourne, Australia
status:Contemporary, visual, fine-artist
style:Post modern contemporary, Semi-surreal. He calls it 'Sophisticated Naivety'.
medium:Ink pen and colour pencil drawings on paper. Plus, 1:1 scale reproductions (and larger) printed using archival inks.
inspiration:Fringe exploration, landscapes, fictitious art galleries and architecture, portraits abstract expressionism, designer spaceships, bedroom interiors and more.
  • Reperceive (modernizing rare 14th century landscapes drawings)
  • Surreal Estate (architectural)
  • Urban Space Exploration (bedroom landscapes)
  • Open/Free-range
  • Untitled Territory (landscapes)
  • The Fields of Potentiality (complex abstract expressionism)

artman has been stealthily creating contemporary drawings for over fifteen years; During this period artman has been establishing a sustainable artist rhythm where he can draw new pictures as prolifically as possible.

Using a yesteryear exploration mind-set, artman likes to delve into the unknown depths of a peaceful piece of paper in an attempt to rearrange the boundaries of post-modern image creation. He's going for hit singles in art, something that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, like a top song or an emotional moment in a film.

artman believes in low lit art parties with lights on the art and music in the air. He wants to attract you from across a crowded room to the visual treats of mysterious art-treasures. He wants to draw you in with bold colours or shimmering metallic, then hold your attention with skill and abstract narrative themes that engage, excite and delight with provocative positiveness. Basically, this drawer or pictures would like to entertain you with high concept art that shows rare glimpses from the deep field fringe of human exploration.

He usually works on A2, which is 59.4 X 42 cm, sized paper. Each drawing can take up to two months to complete. Predominantly the artist uses coloured pencils and black ink-pens. He also uses a varied range of metallic pens and HB grey lead pencils. He loves new stationary and relishes the opportunity to use the latest in high-tech, pens and pencils. artman is influenced by art history, cinema, music, TV, science, people animals and words to name a few.